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Jun 3, 2019

Welcome back! 

In the last episode I brought you alongside my experience with Americans for Homeopathy Choice in Washington DC, where over 100 volunteers from around the United States advocated for access to homeopathic remedies. 

This month, an enlightening conversation with Dr. Robert Melo who shares his experience as...

May 4, 2019

Kelly traveled to Washington DC to volunteer with Americans for Homeopathy Choice. 

She joined over 150 volunteers from around the United States to meet with aides to their elected representatives in response to FDA's 2017 Draft Guidance. 

Kelly chronicles her time in DC, talking to other volunteers, the thorough...

Apr 19, 2019

Mary Aspinwall is an accomplished senior homeopathic practitioner.

Originally from the UK and Ireland, she currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA in the United States where she has a busy practice as well as running Mary's Homeopathy Study Group on Facebook. 

Mary shares her personal story of healing, the major...

Apr 1, 2019

Primary and Secondary actions are classic homeopathic philosophy. That doesn't make them not controversial, or a hot topic of conversation among homeopaths past and present! 

In this intercurrent episode, Kelly presents a view different views from the archives on primary and secondary action. 

Today's episode sponsored...

Mar 11, 2019


I talk today with Jerry Kantor, of Vital Force Health Care LLC about his rich book, Autism Reversal Toolbox. 

The book covers a broad swath including: 

1) The Workbench- influences and potential etiology of ASD, cultural and environmental influences including epigenetics, and the 'Sense Dimensional perspective,'...